Australian Merino Wool X Technology

Wool Innovation using Australian Merino Wool

A large part of STRATEAS CARLUCCI seasonal collections is only wool innovation, and also integrating new and advanced technologies into this innovation. Part of the brand ethos at STRATEAS.CARLUCCI is to not only make interesting and innovative garments through construction and shape, however to also make functional and utilitarian garments which also serve a purpose.


STRATEAS CARLUCCI discovered a huge innovation in wool treatments, where in the finishing stages, post knit, a “hard finish” chemical is applied to the fibre. The chemical is a Synthapprett BAP resin, which is a very flexible polyurethane that binds the wool fibres together without compromising the handle too much. It also controls the shrink resistance. By treating the wool this way has many advantages. One of which is that opposed to disguising the wool, it actually retains the natural properties of the wool and it’s touch and feel, yet also improves it.

This fibre is now water repellent, where beads of water stream off the fabric as if rolling off glass. It also becomes more resistant to creases and due to the wool itself being “washable wool” makes this fabric more sustainable and prolongs the lifespan of the garment. Due to these added features, less cleaning and dry-cleaning is needed, making the garment more sustainable.